The offices


Dr. Massimo Pomo MD DDS has offices in Bologna and Castel Maggiore, practice mainly dedicated to cosmetic dentistry and implantology. Most of his clinical work is devoted to aesthetic prosthesis and large riabilitations (veeners, metal free crowns ecc.)
As an aesthetic dentist, Dr. Pomo offers treatments with the goal of the dental health and better smile. Practice dental bleaching for whiter teeth in safety.

Dr. Pomo also delivers implant bridges and carefully crafted mobile solutions. Dental implantology allows to restore function and aesthetics of a natural smile in 10—48 hours.
Computer guided implantology gives the opportunity of a high degree of precision and a radical reduction of discomfort and healing time.

Bologna: close to Porta d'Azeglio 1400sq.ft office with 2 dental units
Castel Maggiore: at ground floor of a Hercolani castle, close to Centergross 1800sq.ft, 5 dental units
Private parking for both

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